Donald Trump is being dropped by some prominent Catholic leaders.

In a letter shared on National Review, the Catholic leaders appealed to fellow believers not to vote for the Republican candidate Trump. The letter was signed by George Weigel of Ethics and Public Policy Center and Prof. Robert George of Princeton University. It stated that Trump is unfit to become the President of the United States, NC Register reported.

Trump’s campaign, according to the signatories has been too vulgar, and that his appeal to the racial and ethnic fears and prejudice are an abomination to the Catholic faith.  The letter urged fellow Catholics and citizens to vote for other suitable Republican candidates, instead, who can address these serious issues, yet do not have the Trump form of shocking ignorance and vulgarity, Christian Today reported.

As conservatives, the signatories pointed out their dislike for the manipulative approach. The letter in the National Review also stated that Trump’s appeal to the racial and ethnic prejudice has gone beyond the Catholic values. The signatories reminded the readers about the candidate’s promise of sending American military to torture anyone who will be suspected of terrorism, including the killing of the terrorists’ families. Actions like these are not condoned by the church, the leaders wrote.

Moreover, they cited Trump’s background, which to their belief, does not extol Catholic values such as the right to life, the rights of conscience and religious freedom. Trump also failed to give any indication of rebuilding the marriage culture and the principle of limited government.

Trump only promises a greater humiliation of the American politics and culture, according to the letter, which was a first attempt made by the Catholic conservatives to influence the presidential campaign. Because the clergy’s actions are restricted in terms of openly influencing the politics, the American bishops were silent during the campaign period.