Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump seemed pretty displeased with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for starting off an interview with the tough question. Cuomo confronted Trump for casting Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton as the “enabler” of former President Bill Clinton’s history of infidelities.

Cuomo decided to skip the pleasantries and get straight to the most recent controversial statement by the billionaire businessman.

“You are attacking Hillary Clinton for the sexual past and indiscretions of her husband, calling her an ‘enabler,’” he asked during the live interview on CNN’s “New Day.” “We have a panel of independent voters. They are smart as heck, and most of them don’t like it. They see it as a distraction. They see it as hypocritical coming from you, and they mostly see it as potential proof that you may have no real ideas to offer as president.”

This seemingly upset Trump, who was expecting some form of congratulations for winning the race in the recent Indiana primary. He immediately criticised Cuomo for the lack of politeness.

“Well, this is a nice way to start off the interview,” he said on CNN’s “New Day” as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald. “First of all, you should congratulate me for having won the race. I thought, you know, at least there would be a small congratulations but I’m not surprised with CNN because that’s the way they treat Trump. It’s the, you know, they call it the Clinton Network, and I believe that.”

Cuomo noted that he did congratulate him on a previous interview, to which Trump thanked sarcastically and proceeded to call CNN the “Clinton Network,” Yahoo News reported. When asked why he is wasting time by making such attack on Clinton, Trump replied that she is playing the “women’s card” and that everything is about women.

In a recent poll, it was found that Trump doesn’t enjoy get much support from the female network which could be attributed to his controversial statements about women.