US President Barack Obama believes it is a “novel” idea to blame him for the rise of Donald Trump. He was speaking at a joint press conference at the White House, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau beside him.

“I have been blamed by Republicans for a lot of things, but being blamed for their primaries, and who they’re selecting for their primary is novel,” CNN quoted Obama as saying. The US president was asked about some of the Republicans accusing him of being responsible for Trump’s upswing.

Obama pointed out that there was not much difference between the real estate businessman’s take and Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz on certain issues. “Mr. Trump just may be more provocative in how he says it, but the actual positions aren’t that different,” Obama said. “For that matter, they’re not that different from Mr. Rubio’s positions on immigration, despite the fact that their families are the products of immigration and the openness of our society.”

Obama blamed media and the Republican Party for creating an environment to help the GOP frontrunner grow further. He said that many of the information outlets, social media, news outlets, TV stations as well as that the Republican political elites had been “feeding the Republican base for the last seven years.”

The GOP presidential candidates are presently taking part in a Florida debate. Trump talked about immigration and said he should not be allowed to recruit foreign workers, but he did it anyway.

Trump said recruiting foreign workers with H1B visas had been beneficial for him as a businessman. Rubio, who is supporting of the use of H1B visas, said that the companies, which had violated the legal system, should be penalized.

“If a company is caught abusing that program, they should never be allowed to do it again,” NBC News quoted Rubio as saying.