Trooping the Color is the official birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, who turned 90 last April 21. It will be held on June 11 this year.

The event, also known as The Queen’s Birthday Parade, will see the Queen inspecting soldiers from the Household Division, her personal troops. The parade will feature 1,400 officers, 200 horses and 400 musicians from 10 bands.

Viewers who are eager to see the parade can tune in to BBC from 10 a.m. as it will be televised live from the Horse Guards Parade behind Whitehall in London.

Citizens who will witness the event from the actual venue will see the Queen arriving at the premises in a carriage from Buckingham Palace, where she will take the Royal salute from the officers and men, according to International Business Times.

Trooping the Colors has been the regiments’ practice of the Household Troops of the sovereign. They take turns in trooping their colors, and this has been an annual event since 1760.

The Queen has taken part of the event ever since she ascended into the throne 62 years ago, with the exception of the year 1955 because of a national rail strike.

The reason why the Queen has two birthdays is due to the recurring problem that is the weather in Britain. The tradition began with George II, who was born on the month of November, according to The Guardian.

The then-King felt that the weather at that month would be too cold to celebrate his birthday so he decided to establish a military parade known as Trooping the Color, which takes place yearly during spring. It is a tradition that has gone on since then.

Additionally, the Queen’s official birthday used to take place on a Thursday in June, but was later on changed to Saturday so that more members of the public can have the opportunity to enjoy it.