George Zimmerman, who killed African-American Teenager Trayvon Martin, tried to gain some profits on the gun he used in the murder. He tried to sell the gun in two different websites on Thursday, but the attempts were disastrous. Both the sites removed the ads.

George Zimmerman  attempted to sell the gun on Gun Broker first. Bidding on the gun was supposed to start Thursday morning. However, the site sent out a message in the afternoon that it had dropped the idea. According to Fox News, Gun Broker decided to remove the weapon from its site as there was huge negative traffic about the sale.

The Gun Broker in its statement said, “Our site rules state that we reserve the right to reject listings at our sole discretion, and have done so with the Zimmerman listing, We want no part in the listing on our web site or in any of the publicity it is receiving.”

Zimmerman gave a totally different reason for the site’s rejection. He said that the site was not prepared for the publicity and traffic generated by his gun’s sale, reported CNN.

A few hours later United Gun Group tweeted that it would post Zimmerman’s ad.  The site gave the gun a price tag of $5,000, which was the same with Gun Broker. Minutes later the site went down.  When the site decided to sell the gun, it argued that Zimmerman was doing nothing wrong.

Daily News quoted United Gun Group owner Todd Underwood saying, “This shouldn’t even be a story. A gentleman who did nothing wrong is selling a personal possession of his to the highest bidder.”

Thursday night United Gun Group announced that the gun would not be sold on its site. It said that as an organisation it stand by the rule of law and confirmed that no law had been broken by hosting the sale.

In its statement, United Gun Group said, “we do not feel like it is in the best interest of the organization to continue to host this sale on our platform.”

The move to sale the gun is perceived as insensitive by the critics. It has been regarded by many as “profit from slaying”.

George Zimmerman, 32, killed Martin, 17, in 2012 in a gated community near Orlando. He defended himself by saying that he killed Martin in self defence. Martin lived in Miami but was visiting his father at that time. Zimmerman was acquitted in the same year. The case triggered nation-wide debate on race relations.

Zimmerman in both the website gave description of the gun. He stated that the gun was used in the murder and described it as a “piece of American history.” During an interview he said that he received the gun from the Department of Justice recently.

But despite his bragging about the gun his desire to sell the gun proved disastrous. Zimmerman’s failed gun sale is trending in Twitter as #DonkeyOftheDay and # GeorgeZimmerman.