Back in the early days of computer gaming, players would sit in their living room with a video console hooked up to a television set and play for hours on end. Unfortunately, that often led to a feeling of isolation from the rest of the world until some ingenious game developer came up with the concept of dual controls where two people could actually sit there, in the same room of course, with hard wired controllers playing against each other. Arcade games were extremely popular at the time and video arcades began to spring up around the world.

Raising the Bar

This did raise the bar a bit in the socialization of gaming, but gaming still wasn’t the social entity it is today with innovative new concepts in global gaming played in cyberspace from a computer or mobile device. A player can now enter a tournament sitting in a cozy chair in Sydney, playing against opponents in London, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai – the social trend in gaming that has brought it to a whole new level.

All this was first popularized with gaming systems like the Xbox 360 and Xbox One with Nintendo’s Wii being thrown into the mix along with other mega gaming corporations and their versions. Think back to all the online series of PlayStation and you’ll see just how global gaming literally exploded almost overnight!

A Revolutionary New Concept

Then there is Betomania that has taken gaming to revolutionary new heights. This is where you can do more than game. You can enter the world of trading, playing and betting on market movement against real players from around the world, in real time and for real prizes. Current trends have taken gaming to a whole new level – one of skill, knowledge and strategy all rolled into one.

Fast paced and fun, you learn about the stock market, while playing a fun game against other international gamers. With Betomania you are looking at more than a fast-paced and highly social game and you are certainly looking at more than the world of trading games and online games. You are about to enter a world where gaming and trading converge with a real cash jackpot and a winner in every game.

Two for the Price of One

It’s an exciting world and one in which the strongest players literally strike it rich! You’re looking at real prizes – real jackpots because you are making real wagers and as more players join, the pot grows bigger and winner takes all. You won the jackpot? Then you won exactly the amount that is declared! The small house fee has already been deducted from the entrance, so the jackpot you see is really all yours!

Where These Trends Are Taking Us

To recap the trend towards the globalization of gaming, it’s interesting to note that gaming has brought us from an isolationist world of single player console games to an online global gaming community that never closes. You can play 24/7 against literally thousands of players, all the while learning new skills as you use a chat feature to discuss strategies and literally ‘pick the brains’ of other, more seasoned players.

However, in learning to play games like the revolutionary new Betomania, you are also learning a new skill in fun environment that really is akin to gaming. To beat the other players, you have to think on your feet, play your way, while playing against others who are also anticipating market movement and strategizing how many golden Betomania chips (the game currency) to place as well. It’s like getting two for the price of one! Play the game and cash in while playing other gamers for the ultimate jackpot. The trend for rapid rewards is growing and global gaming is setting the pace.