A 38-year-old transgender escort reportedly transmitted HIV to one of her clients. West Australian Police are currently trying to extradite her from NSW.

According to a report from News.com.au, the biological male, who identifies himself as a woman, was first diagnosed with the autoimmune disease in August 2014. Her client, on the other hand, was diagnosed with HIV in September 2015. WA Police spokesman Luke Eliot confirmed the report of the transgender escort’s health status on WAtoday.com.

There are disclosure rules for HIV-infected patients. They are required to disclose that they are HIV-positive. Yet, the transgender escort had unprotected sex with the client throughout early 2015. The said client sought police assistance, and will be pressing charges.

According to The ABC, the NSW Sex Crime Squad detectives arrested the transgender escort at a Surry Hills hotel on Tuesday, February 16. The transgender escort was supposed to appear late on Thursday in Sydney’s Central Local Court. Her charges include “grievous bodily harm.”

The transgender escort was said to be operating from the Redfern area. Police are now investigating more of her “business activities,” to see if there are other victims who have been infected with the virus due to her non-disclosure.

The West Australian via Yahoo AU quoted a West Australian Health Department spokesman as recommending that anyone who has had unprotected sex “with someone whose sexual health status is not known” should get tested. Other than HIV or AIDS, other sexual diseases could be transmitted by unprotected sex, including and not limited to gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis, and Hepatitis B and C. The complete list of sexually transmitted diseases transmissible by unprotected sexual contact can be found on the CDC website.

The West Australian police are currently cooperating with the Department of Health for the investigation of this case. Anyone who has had contact with the said escort is encouraged to get tested for a possible STD.