“Transformers 5” reportedly has a bigger villain besides Megatron in the upcoming film in 2017.

According to Cinema Blend, “Transformers 5” might be the most iconic and the most familiar villain from the “Transformers” franchise, and audience should expect something bigger. This also means Megatron might not be the main villain in the next film.

The report stated that there might be another villain to anticipate from the film, as the photo that Michael Bay, the director of the film, shared in his official Instagram account had a teasing note to it. 

From how the image looked, it does not seem to be Megatron or any of the sub-villains seen in the previous films. It might be Megatron’s new form.

There might be some enhancements or a changed look for Megatron to appear more powerful. With that being said, Autobots would also be foreseen to have more action this time compared from the previous film titles.


Given the photo posted by the director, many of the fans have been curious about this new villain, Coming Soon mentioned. He captioned, “It’s starting. This week production. Megatron is back #transformers #decepticons”

The same source mentioned that fans would think that this is the new look of Megatron, which is supported by the caption. 

They said that if Michael Bay did not place any caption below the image, they might have thought it is another exciting villain to see in the upcoming “Transformers 5” movie.

Some don’t believe it’s the same Megatron. Others ask why they didn’t feature Galvatron once again to intensify the action.

“Transformers 5” or “Transformers: The Last Knight” has started production preparation and would start filming in the middle of June in Cuba.

Aside from the new villain or the new Megatron look, one more thing audience should know is the reprising of the inventor Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) and Lieutenant Colonel William Lennox (Josh Duhamel).

They could also see new people like Isabela Moner as “street-smart tomboy” Izabella and Jerrod Carmichael with an unidentified character.  

“Transformers 5” is scheduled for release in 2017.