Fans who are waiting for the “Transformers 5” movie has another reason to rejoice: director Michael Bay just confirmed that he will return to helm the project.

Screen Rant reports that the confirmation has been made by the director in a recent interview with the magazine Rolling Stone. The website quotes an excerpt from the magazine as follows:

“Between his producing duties and directorial work, Bay usually has a half-dozen projects going at once. Right now, in addition to 13 Hours, he’s doing post-production on the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which he’s producing and which is due in 2016, and pre-production for the next Transformers, which he’s directing for summer 2017. ‘I’m doing Transformers … 5, is it?’ Bay says, temporarily losing track. He shakes his head. ‘I’ve taken on a lot of work.'”

It has previously been reported that Paramount Pictures has secured a deal with Hasbro’s AllSpark Pictures which will allow the “G.I. Joe” franchise to exist in a shared universe with other Hasbro brands, which includes ‘Transformers”.

Due to this availability, Screen Rant said that it would have made sense for Bay to turnover directorial responsibilities to younger directors.

Nevertheless, with this recent confirmation, it appears that Bay is dedicated to continue his streak with the franchise through “Transformers 5”. Still despite his return, the fifth “Transformers” movie may be his last.

According to USA Today, in the same Rolling Stone interview, the director has vowed that “Transformers 5” will be his last film in the franchise. Bay was quoted by the website in saying:

“The middle-(budget) movie is basically gone. They just want these big movies…Transformers, I still have a great time. It’s fun to do a movie that 100 million people will see. But this is the last one. I have to pass the reins to someone else.”

Whoever his successor may be remains to be seen.

For now, fans can look forward to Bay’s trademark film-making prowess when “Transformers 5” comes out in 2017.