Filipino humor never fails. The Korean hit movie Train to Busan is now the center of several hilarious Filipino memes.

Netizens flooded social media with memes and posts that relate the Korean blockbuster film to the horrible situation of the Philippines’s local railway. The Korean zombie apocalypse thriller film is currently topping the local box office.

Some social media users compare Train to Busan to Philippines’ Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and changed the movie title to Train to TaftInquirer cited the netizens’ comparison of the reality in the country’s MRT stations where people line up for hours, wait for the train to arrive and pushing one’s self into the train coach. The mutual insight is that the horrific experience in MRT is like being chased by zombies inside the train in the Korean movie.

Some social media users altered the original poster into a Train to Taft movie poster based on actual pictures of people lining up at the MRT. One Ross Bill Cordero edited the movie poster to include the actual photos of crowds in the MRT stations. Another Twitter user created a Train to Taft parody video.

Check out Train to Busan official trailers below.

Others were wondering what it will be like if Train to Busan was made in the Philippines.

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Train to Busan stars Gong-yoo, Jung Yu-mi and Ma Dong-sok. International Business Times wrote that the film focuses on a group of train passengers as they try to escape a zombie outbreak while trapped on a train bound to Busan.

The Korean blockbuster hit is the country’s official entry to the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. It has grossed US$99 million worldwide so far.  The movie has been named one of the highest-grossing films in the history of Korea.