A man attempted a sex attack on a 17-year-old schoolboy at around 8:15 a.m. while the latter was on his way to school on a Melbourne train last Tuesday.

The victim was standing near the rear exit doors in the second carriage of a city-bound Alamein train when a man tried to sexually assault him between Hawthorn and Burnley stations, according to the Daily Mail. Police confirmed the details revealed in the reports. The boy, however, could not take this and fought back by pushing the attacker. He yelled at the alleged 60-year-old Caucasian attacker.

Victorian Police’s transit detectives are still investigating the matter and trying to find out more details from fellow passengers, who are expected to have noticed the matter. The reports describe him as 185 centimeters tall with grey hair. He wore a charcoal grey suit, white shirt, and had a pot belly. He carried a brown satchel bag during the train commute.

Sexual assaults at public places have been a common scenario in Australia for girls. According to the latest report, one-third of young women in Australia try to avoid public places as soon as it gets dark due to their fear of sexual attacks that are common in public places these days. A nationwide study called A Right to the Night was conducted for Plan International Australia, a child rights agency, and Our Watch, a domestic and family violence organization, in May.

It took into consideration the girls between the age group 15 and 19 and surveyed 600 girls. Plan International Australia Deputy Chief Executive Susanne Legena told SBS that she was surprised to see that possibilities of a sex attack at public places have made the girls change their behavior.

“I was alarmed to see that in 2016 in Australia that girls aged 15 to 19, one-third were saying they felt unsafe in public spaces after dark and one in four were saying they wouldn’t take public transport,” she said. “It is really concerning that girls are curbing their behavior.”