The leading voice actor for “Toy Story 4” revealed how strict Disney is in revealing details about the upcoming sequel.

Tom Hanks admitted that Walt Disney lawyers once scolded him after he disclosed that there will be “Toy Story 4” without the approval of the company’s executives, the Independent reported.

The actor, who has been voicing “Toy Story” character Woody since 1995, was not sued for the disclosure but he was reprimanded about it.

During an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” the actor recalled how the incident happened.

“A while ago someone stuck a microphone in my face and asked if there was going to be a new film and I said yes. And I then got a call from the Disney lawyers who said I couldn’t say anything about the new film because it affects the Disney stock market price,” Hank revealed.

“I said, ‘Hey, I’m sorry, but let me point out, I am Woody, pal!’” he added.

Hank also admitted that voicing Woody is never easy.

“It’s really hard work – honestly. Woody is very tense and the recording sessions go on for four or five hours so I always come out of a session with my diaphragm having had a workout. It is exhausting,” RadioTimes quoted him saying.

The actor will voice Woody once again in the upcoming “Toy Story 4,” which is expected to hit theaters in Summer 2018.

Pixar’s Lee Unkrich earlier revealed how they were amazed by Hanks’ talent in improvising dialogue.

Unkrich said some of Woody’s memorable dialogue recorded by Hanks back in 1994 will be included in the upcoming “Toy Story 4.”

Director John Lasseter has also confirmed that Woody will find love in the upcoming follow-up to one of the most successful animated movie franchises.

Lasseter said: “It’s something we’ve never done with Toy Story before. It’s a love story with Woody and – and this is news – Bo Peep.”

It was also reported that new characters will be joining the sequel, which means new voices will be coming on board.

Pixar was reportedly eyeing for Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette to join the cast of “Toy Story 4.”

Hank appearance at “The Graham Norton Show” airs on Friday (Nov 20) at 10:40 pm on BBC1.