Wi-Fi connectivity and the Internet have now joined the base level needs in Maslow’s hierarchy theory. We spend most of our time online and we’re always in search of good connectivity outdoors. Will toys be far behind this need? Gone are the days of simple toys which required a key to wind them up or at most a remote control. The recently concluded International Toy Fair at Jacob Javits Center in New York featured a number of tech toys that are expected to hit the shelves soon. Here are some of the top end toys.

The Smart Barbie: Barbie has been upgraded. We are not talking about the diverse body types that were recently launched. We are talking about her dream house. Mattel’s “Hello Barbie Dreamhouse” debuted at the toy fair at AU$421 (US$299). Yahoo reveals that the dream house has a voice recognition feature and needs a Wi-Fi connection. It also has an app that lets the players customise the house’s lights and sounds. For example, players can now have a dance party by telling the house to activate party mode.

Mattel ThingMaker: This is yet another of Mattel’s high-end toys. It is priced at AU$422 (US$300). The ThingMaker is a 3D printer developed by Mattel that enables kids to print their own toys in the comfort of their homes. It works with, you guessed it right, an app! According to Tech Crunch, this 3D-printing app offers a simple interface for designing and bringing your toys to life.

Fisher-Price’s Code-a-Pillar: Fisher Price’s adorable Code-a-Pillar is expected to hit the shelves in June this year. It is a reasonably priced toy, coming at AU$70 (US$50). Yahoo informs that Fisher Price has the toy to teach kids the basics of problem-solving and programming.

LEGO Star Wars: This is one toy that appeals to adults and Star Wars fanatics. In fact, LEGO is coming out with the merchandise in a wide range of sets from AU$14 to AU$169 (US$9.99 to US$119.99). IGN notes that the range, which was showcased at the International Toy Fair, includes various figures and vehicles.

CHiP: If you’d love to have a pet but don’t want the mess, then here is a great toy. CHiP, the lovable robot dog, priced at AU$280 (US$199) is just for you. According to the company website, this robot dog comes with a smart band that helps it to recognise you, follow you, wait for you to come home, and remind you for mealtime or playtime.

Edwin the Duck: Your old school yellow rubber duckie got a tech makeover. According to NJ.com, the new age duckie works with an app and interacts with your child by telling stories, playing games and even singing a lullaby. Edwin the Duck will be sold at AU$140 (US$99.99).

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Odyssey’s Pocket Drone: Whether you love the new age drones for the sake of having a drone or whether you want to spy on someone, you can always use this pocket drone. According to its website, it is priced at AU$183 (US$129.95). This is a lightweight, collapsible drone that can help you take some breathtaking aerial shots.

Litiholo’s Hologram Kit: Priced at AU$140 (US$99.99), this hologram kit helps you make your own holograms. The company’s website states that the kit comes with self-developing plates. These create bright and clear holograms you can view immediately. You can make up to 20 holograms with one kit.