Townsville fire caused a Lexus car dealership to suffer from severe damage on Tuesday morning, prompting the evacuation in the nearby areas.

Almost six fire crew members worked to extinguish the fire at Townsville’s Mike Carney Toyota Lexus dealership. They worked for two and a half hours and had to implement measures to bring the situation under control. The area was evacuated immediately because of concerns over toxic fumes, believed to have been polluting the area after the fire.

According to the latest report, police stated that the area will be back to normal soon following instant evacuation and closure of streets. No detail about the number of cars damaged in the incident has yet been obtained. Police, on the other hand, are trying to find out if anything suspicious is discovered.

“It doesn’t appear that it is suspicious however there’s a lot that needs to be done in that space before that can be validated,” Townsville police inspector Roger White said as quoted by the ABC.

Lexus dealership confirmed about the Townsville fire and posted on Facebook about its shutdown until further notice is received following the major incident.  As reported, the Duckworth Street has been closed in both directions, which included Dalyrmple Road as well as the Domain Central’s northern route. The traffic, as a result, suffered diversions in the area. The paramedics were also noticed on the spot to offer immediate first aid treatment to victims if any.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesman confirmed that fourteen firefighters resisted the fire from breathing apparatus. They focused on roofs and ceiling. “It’s a large fire and they’re just working to extinguish it at the moment,” he said as quoted by the Brisbane Times.

Meanwhile, acting fire station officer Clint Craperi said that the fire had led to major damage to the dealership showroom. “Multiple cars have been on fire plus there’s been a partial ceiling collapse and substantial smoke damage, but we’ve saved a large percentage of the building,” he said.