Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell has criticised Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the support he is offering for the United Kingdom to remain a part of the European Union.

Earlier in May, Turnbull said that Australia would favour the remaining of UK in the EU as the nation plays a vital role in boosting its trade interests. Rosindell belongs to the group of political leaders who support the “leave” campaign of the nation, which emphasises on the UK withdrawing itself completely from the European Union. The vote in a June 23 referendum will decide whether Britain will continue as a member of the EU.

The UK chairman of the Australia and New Zealand Parliamentary group said that Australia should listen to British people as the nation will benefit from the “Brexit.” But Roseindell specified that Australia can never sign away legal or political powers to Asia. It would not do what the UK has already done before in Europe. “Come on Malcolm, when are you going to do your political union with Indonesia or Japan?” Rosindell told the ABC.”When are you going to have free movement with Asia? This is ridiculous. Australia would never countenance signing away permanent legal power over its rules, its laws, its traditions, to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.”

According to SBS, Australians who desire to live and work in the UK have been facing difficulties because of the crackdown on visa prerequisites. This came following the debate about the number of EU people in Britain to be allowed to travel visa-free to European shores.

The Tory MP noted that Britain should share a stronger bond with Australia, Canada, and New Zealand than with Europe. It should work on opening free movement for people from these “Anglosphere” nations. “Why should we treat Australians as second-class citizens in Britain?” he claimed as reported by 7 News. “Australia is a country with whom we have most in common with around the world together with New Zealand and Canada.”