A real-life hilarious incident of a ‘namesake blunder’! TV presenter Chris Evans on “Top Gear” was confused with “Captain America” Chris Evans, and the latter collected fans’ criticism for something he didn’t even do.

British motor-vehicle series “Top Gear” has recently re-launched on BBC last Sunday. However, the show received a heap of negative feedback from the fans. It is mainly due to the new pair of hosts Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans. c/net says many accused Evans of copying old host Jeremy Clarkson. The viewers slammed the show and dubbed it as ‘flop gear’ and ‘boring’.

Things took a different direction and reached America following the Twitter tweet-steps.   Wondering how? Here is the answer.

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A major chunk of followers got confused with the name ‘Chris Evans’ and expressed their outrage at the reel-life “Captain America,” reports Mashable. They decided to take their complaints to Evans himself and mistakenly started overflowing in American star Chris Evan’s account @chrisevans  instead of British Television presenter Chris Evans @achrisevans. Soon, the 34-year-old American hunk was on the receiving end of a carload of tweets like these:


In the meantime, there were also a few fans who tried to correct the frenzied twitter mob.


This is not the first time that fans got confused between these two and blamed the wrong guy. Almost a year ago, a similar Twitter rant took place involving the same issue. Many fans berated the American Evans in place of the 50-year-old English host.

We highly assume that fans are now more enlightened about these two different individuals. Chris Evans  must not be confounded with his namesake, Chris Evans.

Hoping against hope, maybe Captain America will visit Britain and change Top Gear’s current fate. It will be like a blessing in disguise.

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