Is the rebooted series of  “Top Gear” an utter failure? Looks like Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc are not able to impress the audience.

After the new version of the BBC series debuted on British TV, Matt LeBlanc and UK presenter Chris Evans received negative remarks on social media. The viewers slammed the presenter duo for not having chemistry and for their “shouty” delivery. They were labelled “absolutely diabolical” and “forced”, and their hosting ways were compared to “a bad Tinder date.”

The original Top Gear team Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond was replaced by LeBlanc and Evans. In March 2015, BBC sacked Clarkson dramatically when he assaulted a producer related to an issue during a night shoot. Following this move by BBC, even May and Hammond refused to stay on Top Gear without Clarkson.

The Sun (Sun) mentioned about Evans making a reference to the incident during his first episode, saying, “We don’t make jokes about catering on this show any more.”

Viewers, however, are in no mood to accept the new presenters. They are going all out criticizing the duo and the new series. There is a flood of negative remarks online that call the show “train wreck” and “absolutely diabolical”. Some even used the hashtag “#FlopGear,” “#RIPTopGear”, etc. Even Ex-Countdown star Carol Voderman was seen tweeting sarcastically, and one of her tweet reads: “Sorry Top Gear, switching off, looking forward to the proper boys on Amazon Prime soon.”

Below are a few more negative feedback from followers of the show.

The negative response from the viewers was a big jolt to Evans and LeBlanc. Ahead of the season premiere, they shrugged off their nerves.

“We are very, very nervous,” Evans said.  “No. That was irony. We are not nervous at all. The show’s in the can, so it’s all done. There’s nothing to feel worried about. All we can do now is see whether people like it or not — they either will, or they won’t.”

Going by the viewers’ blasting, looks like people didn’t really like it! What do you think?