Top Gear ratings have hit as all-time low. And the person who is apparently taking the blame is Chris Evans.

Evans has announced his resignation only after one series as the presenter of the show. He also admitted that he was not good enough for the show.

Evans said in a tweet that he had given his best for the show. But, his best was not good enough for the show. According to him, the best thing he can do now for the show is to step down.

With Top Gear ratings hitting an extreme low, one may wonder if Evans is responsible for it, especially after he took the responsibility for it. On Sunday, the show had an average of 1.9 million viewers, the lowest in the series.

No matter what Evans may think, a single person cannot be held responsible for high or low ratings for a show. One big reason behind the low ratings on Sunday was Euro 2016.

The tournament has entered its final stage. There were two big games over the weekend. On Saturday, it was the quarter-final between Germany and Italy. On Sunday, it was between France and Iceland.

The France-Iceland match attracted an average of 6.6 million viewers on ITV. The high-scoring match, with France winning it 5-2, was a huge distraction for Top Gear fans.

Euro 2016 affected several other shows. An average of 3.9 million viewers watched BBC One’s Antiques Roadshow.

This is not the first time the viewers of a TV show was outnumbered by those watching a live event. According to The BBC, entertainment programs can always get extra viewers with on-demand services.

Top Gear seems to have a problem with its presenter. Jeremy Clarkson was fired after he had punched one of the producers. James May and Richard Hammond also presented the show.

Evans joined only in June for the six-episode series. He had five new co-hosts to present the show with. With his resignation for the show, it will be curious to see who gets the opportunity to be the presenter for the next series.

Top Gear ratings reached low for a reason. Evans should not take it so hard on him only.