Holiday season is meant for planning tours. If you are in Australia, the nation’s islands are the best options to cherish the nature. The top 5 Aussie islands listed below give travelers a chance to feel the real Australia surrounded by beaches, aquatic creatures, and natural wonders.

List of Top 5 Aussie Islands

Kangaroo Island

On the Kangaroo Island, travelers not only find roos but also get to see sea lions, fur seals, and koalas. It is one of the top 5 Aussie islands as it offers a range of wildlife to enjoy in Australia. There are apartments available for rent for tourists who are with family and friends. The food options are numerous with 18 wineries, which also include Islander Estate.

Rottnest Island

Tourists can take ferries from Freemantle and Perth to reach the second island on the list of top 5 Aussie Islands. No cars are allowed to wander about the island. People get cycles to unveil the Rottnest Island. Adventure lovers can enjoy snorkeling and surfing, the popular activities on island holidaying.

Hamilton Island

The frequent flights from Sydney and Melbourne make Hamilton Island quite accessible for all. If a traveller is a nautical buff, this island is for you. The yacht club will offer you the nautical experience. There is an 18-hole championship golf course for sports lovers. The tourists get a wide range of bars and restaurants to choose from in the island.

Fraser Island

To enjoy the botanical nature of the ecosystem, Fraser Island is the best option. A person can also explore almost 100 freshwater lakes on the island. Four wheel driving is the specialty of the island. Seventy-Five Mile Beach is one of the most popular destinations on the island.

Lord Howe Island

The last on the list of top 5 Aussie Islands is the Lord Howe Island. Allowing 400 visitors at a time, the island provides a lovely island of pristine forests and translucent waters, Traveller Australia mentioned.

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