The most weird applications you can get for your device that will either weird you out or laugh hysterically. You be the judge, bizarre, odd or funny?

Mark your territory (literally) wherever you have gone to the toilet around the globe. The application checks in your toilet through GPS and keeps a running tally of where you have been. It is free of charge and runs on Android and iOS devices. It also allows you to update your thoughts while doing your time in there and share them with friends. ‘Places I have Pooped’ have been given 5- star rating by users.

You would not believe you needed this app till now. The RunPee App tells you when you can go to the toilet in the middle of a movie without missing any of the exciting parts. The app will also tell you what you have missed with one click of the button.

This is a location-based application which tracks where you are and find local people that give out free hugs. In time of war and terror, everyone needs a cuddle from someone, even a stranger, right? ‘Spoonr’ also shows how many people have cuddled them and filters them accordingly as the most hugged. Creepy or useful?

Do you miss the original iPod with the Click Wheel? This application has made typing a message take a lot more time than needed. At least, the nostalgia that comes from using this application will make the effort tolerable. “Say goodbye to the keyboard and hello to the future” said the creator of this application.

Not only have children started to use iPad devices and technology at such a young age, creators of the ‘game for cats’ have taken it up a notch and created the first ‘inter-species’ application for cats to enjoy.  The game is free, however there are purchases you must make to unlock certain things such as the ‘mouse scroller’ where a mouse appears on the screen. The application accumulates points and these scores can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.