They say that fast food items are usually the unhealthiest meals you could munch on. And because it’s quickly served, expect that the meal is high in fats, carbohydrates, and cholesterol.

In October, the World Health Organisation released a report wherein processed meat such as bacon and hotdogs have close links with cancer. These food items are usually found in fast food meals which tempt us to have a cheat day and skip the diet.

Nonetheless, the study wrote that that the person’s cancer risk increases if he eats more than the 500g recommended weekly meat consumption. And by the way, the world’s oldest person eats bacon everyday.

You don’t really need to deprive yourselves from those scrumptious, tempting fast food meals. After all, you only have one life to live.

We compiled that Top 5 unhealthiest meals in Australia that you must try before you die.


Pizza Hut Loaded Pepperoni on Cheesydog Crust

Life Hacker mentioned that Pizza Hut came up with a new treat on the Pizza crust by adding cheese dogs. The Loaded Pepperoni on Cheesydog Crust is perfect for cheese lovers because it’s “finished off with melted cheddar cheese on the outside.” Each slice has 1,413 kJ so share the pizza with your friends or colleagues.

Hungry Jack’s Ultimate Double Whopper

Hungry Jack’s Ultimate Double Whopper is packed with “75g of fat, 53g of carbs, 11.1g of sugars and 1862mg of sodium,” as mentioned in another article by Life Hacker. At 4,773 kJ, this is dangerous to consume. However, you can always run a mile or two and burn those calories you gained from this delicious meal.

Subway Chicken Parmigiana

According to Life Hacker, Subway’s “catch-cry is to eat fresh.” Their Chicken Parmigiana indeed looks fresh but don’t be too sure that you’re eating healthy. This meal has 3,940 kilojoules of energy, 28.8 g of fat, and 99.6 worth of carbohydrates. Just make sure to avoid eating another calorie-loaded meal throughout the day.

KFC Original Tenders

Because their original chicken recipe is available in boneless strips, it’s definitely worth eating during snacks. With every bite, dip it into the creamy aioli dipping sauce.

The 5-piece Tenders meal has 3,094 kJ. But according to Life Hacker, the calories is worth it because each chicken strip is flavorsome and not as greasy.

McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Southwest BLT

McDonald’s claims that this burger is “made with 100% Aussie chicken breast in a chili and chive bun.” Moreover, it has cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce & tomatoes, Southwest ranch sauce and sizzling bacon. The mouth-watering burger has 2,780 kJ. With its addition of crunchy tortilla chips, we bet no one can say no to this!