Well, it’s quite an arduous job to cut down to just the 5 top things Aussies love to hate. I mean, there are so many things we love to hate! But since the topic will envelope only 5 things we adore to loathe, I hope I get the list spot on.

1. Throw another shrimp on the barbie

It all started in 1984, when Paul Hogan, the Australian born famous actor, starred in an advertisement endorsed by Australian Tourism Commission in order to promote tourism in Australia. The ad refers to Hogan actually saying, “I’ll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you.” The original slogan of the entire ad was “Come and say G’day!” The whole idea was to evoke an image of how to have fun under the sun.

There were different versions in order to target the American audience and thus, the word ‘prawn’ was replaced by ‘shrimp’ in order to avoid confusion. Meanwhile, ‘barbie’ is our version for barbecue. The ad was so famous that our tourism popularity shot to number one in about 3 months. BUT the whole point of why Aussies love to hate this phrase is simply because, WE DON’T USE IT AT ALL! NOT AT ALL! So, yeah, at this point of time, this has turned out to be quite unfunny, if you know what I mean!

2. Foster’s

If you ask anyone to get you Foster’s in Aussieland, they would give you a weird look. We don’t drink Foster’s. As simple as that. Foster’s maybe made in Australia, but that does not at all mean that we love it and we ONLY drink it. Have you tried Victoria Bitter? Or Toohey’s? Go for XXXX Gold the next time you hit the pub.

3. Warm Beer

From surmising that we drink Foster’s to drinking warm beer, it is another one of those that Aussies love to hate. Warm beer, seriously? This is Australia, mate! People here guzzle beer more than they drink any other liquid. Serving warm beer is like an insult. We love to chill out with chilled out beers, mate!

4. Kangaroos

We may be famous for kangaroos, and to the rest of the world, they maybe those adorable animals hopping all over Australia. But for us, they are those troublesome creatures that hop out of nowhere, and destruct your car. You have to drive with extra caution once you hit the Aussie roads, especially during dusk to dawn.

Here’s an additional information regarding kangaroo: No, we don’t keep them as pets. And no, we don’t sit on their pouch and travel. Just kidding.

5. Racists

I know half of the world thinks we are racists, but we are not. I mean, every country has those one or two bad apples. Rather, we are one country that believes in multi-culturalism, we respect people regardless of their race. We are just like the rest of the world. So, stop calling us racists. We love to hate this word!