Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday announced the withdrawal of the main parts of the Russian troops fighting in Syria. The decision came after the peace talks in Geneva; aimed at resolving the five-year Syrian conflict.

“The task presented to the defence ministry and the armed forces has been completely fulfilled,” Putin told Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu in a report by Aljazeera.

“Thus, I order the defence minister to begin withdrawing the main part of our troops from the Syrian Arab Republic.” he added.

Although, the naval bases in Syria’s Tartous and Khmeimim will continue its operations.

“Our bases – the naval base in Tartous and the airbase at the Khmeimim airfield – will operate in a routine mode. They are to be safely protected from the land, from the sea and from air.”

Well this surprising move questions Russia’s strategy and objectives. Here are top five reasons why Russia will withdraw its troops from Syria:

Russian intervention in Syria got off the track

Last September, Russia deployed its forces to counter terrorism in Syria after Bashar al-Assad was at the edge of losing huge areas to ISIS last year. Russian forces carried out several air strikes against ISIS. However, Russian forces ended up attacking mostly local rebels in Syria rather than the Islamic State fighters. Undoubtedly, Russian troops in Syria have caused damaged to ISIS in the past months but the intervention didn’t come out well as it was desired.

Turbulence in financial conditions 

Russia may be running out of financial support due to low oil prices and international sanctions affecting its economy. Russia’s air-strike cost around $4million a day. It is looking forward to Saudi to lessen oil production and increase prices. But last week Saudi requested a $6-8 billion bank loan, which is another serious deal for Russia.

Russia’s problem with Kurdish question

Unlikely but the Syrian Kurds have good relation with America and Russia. US supports the Kurds as they fight ISIS, while Russia hold up to them because their relatives target the Turks. However, Assad is pretty clear on reconquering the whole of Syria. This would probably bring two allies of Russia to diplomatic collisions.

Failed political objectives to brandish Russia’s military power

Russia is living under the theory that political outcome like “Assad staying in power” could be easily achieved through military power. Well, thats an old Soviet assurance to the Middle East, which has never been effective even today. Russia is trying to brandish the worldwide Russian-military’s impact, which is not favourable to the USA.

Putin’s wisest strategy for peace deal

According to Vox, Putin’s strategy is to withdraw forces that “Assad feels pressured to negotiate”. But it includes keeping Russian forces to prevent anti-Assad forces (Saudi Arabia, the US).