Most of the workplaces are closing down on the eve of Christmas and opening on the first Monday of next year. With nearly 10 days in hand, you don’t really have much time and option for an elaborate Christmas plan. If you are not travelling abroad, you can visit any of the states, or you can simply stay home and have a grand family and friends time.

But staying home during the holiday isn’t a pleasant option either. Especially if the holiday happens to be Christmas, the only time of the year when the entire country dresses up in bright lights, festivals spread everywhere, children eagerly waiting for their shares of gifts and meeting Santa Claus, musics everywhere. In short form, it is the ultimate festive period.

To root you deeply into the festive mood, here are the top events for Christmas taken across Australia.

1. Christmas in Surfers Paradise

Location: Cavill Mall, Caville Ave, Gold Coast

Age: No restrictions.

Tickets: Free.

Beat the heat this Christmas by joining Santa in Cavill Mall. Experience one of the top events and a unique Aussie style Christmas as the big man’s surfboard sleigh is pulled by six kangaroos. You will have the opportunity to click free photos with Santa too. Book your calendar, and have an exclusive experience with your friends and family.

2. Sydney Santa Spectacular Winter Wonderland

Location: Rosehill Gardens Grand Pavilion, James Ruse Drive

Age: No restrictions.

Tickets: Family: $140; Adults: $40; Child: $35

There are so much activities to do in Rosehill Gardens this Christmas! The enchanting wonderland is full of entertainment rides, Santa’s stable, big man’s elves, and many more things — totally worth every dollar!

3. Melbourne’s Christmas Festival

Location: City Square, 44-86 Swanston Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000

Age: No restrictions

Tickets: Free

Considered to be one of the top events in Melbourne, City Square has been turned into a magical Christmas Forest for you and your family. Stashed with various activities, make sure you all are present from the morning. Don’t forget to take your camera!

4. The Lion’s Family Christmas Party (South Australia)

Location: Mitre 10, Edwards Avenue, Normanville

Age: No restriction

An event for the whole family, this Christmas party has everything from face painting, to rides for the children, and a memorable visit from Santa Claus. Don’t forget to join in to the fun!

5. Christmas Nativity, Perth

Location: Forrest Place, Murray Street Mall, Perth

Age: No restriction

Tickets: Free

If you want to have an experience that you want to cherish for a long time, then visit Forrest Place. Because here, 100 performers are going to stage a magical performance of the traditional Christmas story. The children will learn a lot of things through this entertainment.