From bacon ice-cream to an edible portrait, you have to check out these places for the craziest dining experience in the world.

Alinea – Chicago, USA

Head Chef Grant Achatz, who has received three Micheline stars, created a contemporary fine dining experience for his guests. His restaurant has been the highest rated on the Elite Traveler’s list for four years running. From bubblegum balloons to edible tablecloths and cinnamon bark chopsticks, the restaurant offers a modern and contemporary curated experience. Alinea offers 18-20 modern and classic courses.

The Fat Duck – UK/Melbourne, Australia

Inspired by a 16th century pub in the British Village, Head Chef Heston Blumenthal has made a fine dining experience with a twist. The restaurant was temporarily placed in Melbourne, Australia and received great attention from the public. It is now back in the United Kingdom and offers a menu that includes “snail porridge” which is jelly from quail, bacon ice cream and nitro-scrambled eggs along with his unique concept of fine dining.

Opaque – New York City, USA

This viral trend in 2013 took the world by surprise as  it offered a unique experience by eating in complete darkness. The restaurant has branches in scattered parts of America such as: New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Guests will choose through a specially prepared menu in a lighted area and then seated in the pitch black dining room. Many other restaurants with this similar experience have been established all over the world such as Sydney (in a secret location), Queensland and Hong Kong.

Fortezza Medicea Resteraunt – Italy

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a prisoner and eat their food? Well, now you can live it at the Fortezza Medicea restaurant based in Volterra, Italy. The “craziest” part about the experience is guests are served by actual inmates in a real prison. The cutlery they are served with is plastic and the food comes in a plastic tray. If guests wish to prolong their stay, they can sleep in one of the cells and be treated just like an inmate.

Modern Toilet – Taipai

Inspired by the manga “Dr Slump”, a group of young adults set up their own shop selling chocolate ice cream inside a toilet looking bowl. The residents who had eaten their ice cream liked the humor behind the store and started to recommend it to others. With business booming, they had opened a restaurant selling all types of Asian cuisine inside a “toilet-bowl”. Guests are seated at a table with a toilet-looking seat for the extra touch of humor.