Zambrero Nachos is the unhealthiest fast food item in Australia. This, the George Institute for Global Health found. Researchers from the institute examined the kilojoule content of 25 Australian fast food chains, reported. A total of 229 food items were investigated. Below, we listed the top offenders.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the recommended amount for an average adult is no more than 2000 kilojoules per meal. All the food items below surpass this limit.

10. Coffee Club Gourmet Beef Burger

This burger has 4462 kJ per serving. You would need to walk 221 minutes to shed all that.

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9. Jamaica Blue Chicken Bacon Avocado Turkish Sandwich

A serving of this sandwich contains 4600 kJ. It will take 228 minutes to walk off.

8. Guzman y Gomez Nachos Spicy Chicken Guerrero

These nachos contain 4730 kJ per serving. That would mean 234 minutes of walking.

7. Guzman y Gomez Enchilada Burritos Chicken Guerrero

Another food item from this Mexican chain has 4730 kJ per serving. It will also take 234 minutes to walk off.

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6. Guzman y Gomez Enchilada Burritos Spicy Chicken Guerrero

The added spice makes this burrito pack 4760 kJ per serving. You would need to walk 236 minutes to shed all that off.

5. Hungry Jack’s Ultimate Double Whopper

This burger has 4773 kJ per serving. It will take you 236 minutes to walk off.

4. Jamaica Blue Bacon, Tomato & Avocado Wrap

Another food item from Jamaica Blue made the list. Their Bacon, Tomato & Avocado Wrap contains 4840 kJ. That will set you back 240 minutes of walking.

3. Jamaica Blue Chicken Bacon Avocado Wrap

This wrap packs 4850 kJ per serving. However, it also takes 240 minutes to walk off.

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2. Zambrero Nachos Pork – Basilo Sauce

Zambrero Nachos Pork with Basilo Sauce contains 4982 kJ per serving. You would need 247 minutes of walking to lose that.

1. Zambrero Nachos Pork – Garlic Sauce

Who knew a simple sauce change can add so much? Zambrero Nachos Pork with Garlic Sauce has 5005 kJ per serving. You would need to walk 248 minutes to shed all that off.

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The list above is an update from the rundown we did last year. If this post makes you more hungry than appalled, check this out. In that list, we round up the unhealthiest meals you should try before you die.