Being the sixth largest country in the world, Australia hosts some of the sexiest cities around the globe. It is not only about how nubile the Aussies are, but the sexy factors lie in a great number of variant circumstances.

Without further delay, let’s check out some of the sexiest cities in Australia.

1. Darwin

According to the youngsters of Darwin, they are classified as unpretentious, independent, and very ‘chilled-out’ individuals. Being the capital city of the Northern Territory, Darwin overlooks the Timor Sea. The land is flat and it accommodates some large, exquisite beaches. The city springs with festivals all year round. This capital city is also rich in culture, arts, entertainment and is considered to have some exotic seasides, making it one of the sexiest cities down under.

The following cities are part of Queensland. Queensland is a state that dignifies some of the most beautiful and attractive coral reef systems, Coasts, and tropical Rainforest.

2. Brisbane

The capital city of Queensland, Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia. The city was named after Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane. In fact, initially, the river Brisbane was named after him, and the city was named after the river.

This capital city is popular due to its tradition, its architecture, and burgeoning with theatres and music.

3. Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of our most desired tourist hubs. Starting with the renowned Surfers Paradise beach to unlimited amounts of beaches spread everywhere, to the friendly people, rainforest, hiking trails, handful of theme parks, fancy eateries, mountain ridges and valleys, Gold Coast tops the rank on cruise control.

4. Sunshine Coast

A sexy, laid-back, invigorating coast, Sunshine Coast boosts harlequin patterns of sand dunes, Coral Sea beach, Rainbow beach, amongst the others, as well as surfing, parks, mangrove forests, and nature reserves. This Coast will add sunshine to your life.

5. Cairns

Cairns is a not-so-hushed-city-anymore in the Tropical North Queensland. It has a well stocked history of the indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Attracting tourists for its sailing, diving, and snorkelling, Cairns is the portal to the Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The next cities represent the different states of Australia.

6. Sydney

When it comes to Sydney, it gets challenging where to start and where to end. Considered to be one of the top most sexiest cities in the world, the capital of New South Wales gloriously presents the distinguished Opera House, the Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, Harbour Bridge, Royal Botany Gardens, the Skywalk, to the iconic Bondi beach, Manly, Coogee, Bronte, Balmoral, the list is endless. Sydney has a fashionable lifestyle, is contemplated as the food Mecca of Australia, and the people are lively, sporty, and friendly.

7. Melbourne

Melbourne, the most liveable city in the world, has a splendid history. The city is also one of the oldest cities in Australia. The city was named in honour of William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne. Not only is the capital city of Victoria well known for its bubbling heritage, it is also famed for its education, economy, sports, recreations, travels, healthcare sectors, and every other aspect that is linked to a well-loved city.

8. Hobart

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania. The ‘heart-shaped’ island is the second most oldest city. The city is blossoming everyday. Mt Wellington perches on this ancient city. The old culture, and architecture is fused with the contemporary inheritances, making it one of the sexiest cities in Oceania.

9. Adelaide

Adelaide is the unprovincial capital city of South Australia. Booming with art galleries and museums, this richly cultured, brightly coloured city sparks with all kinds of festivals, shows and events.

10. Perth

The capital city of Western Australia, Perth is beaming with the inheritances it owns. It is considered to be one of the sexiest cities because of the famous Swan River, to the Sandy beaches, the Royal Botany Garden on Mt Eliza, to the breath taking parks, museums, galleries and theatres, Perth has it all.