A teenager has been freed from prison despite causing severe injuries to his uncle in a tomahawk attack in 2015.

Teen Gareth Mark Munday was found guilty of injuring his uncle by swinging the tomahawk at the latter’s head and face. The incident took place at the Ferntree Gully house situated in Melbourne. According to Yahoo News, the suspect was said to have attacked his uncle due to a serious psychiatric illness.

The Supreme Court of Victoria sentenced Munday on Monday and released him on a strict community corrections order for three years. Prior to this, the attacker already served over 400 days in custody.

Recently, another tomahawk attack case came into the limelight where a Texan arrived in Australia with an intention of murdering his ex-wife’s husband living in the New South Wales. On July 15, 2014, the man, 51, was charged with attempting to murder the NSW husband.

The Sydney Morning Herald stated that the attacker targeted a crossbow at his ex-wife’s husband and asked him to go on his knees and then he hit him on his head. The Texan hit the man with a tomahawk, which he bought for few dollars at Bunnings. According to reports, a rubber face mask, a cooler bag with food supplies, surveillance notes, etc. were found in the attacker’s car. The officials also found a Central Coast map and hotel receipts from his vehicle.

After few hours, the Texan defended himself and said that he did not know how the things had turned “from bad to worse” as he used the crossbow only to protect himself. “I just told him, ‘Hey stop. Just get on your knees’ and he just charged at me with the f***ing laptop,” he told police.

In February 2016, the Texan was found guilty of attacking the NSW man with an intention to seriously injure him.