There is  a new couple in Hollywood who is getting all the more popular after being paired up. They’re called many names like Hiddleswift, Swiddleston, Hiddletwit, Twift–the list is endless. Yes, the mention is of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. But looks like some trouble is looming over their romance. Is Tom being waxed up with Swift’s paparazzi followers? Here are some interesting inputs.

Recently, Swift was seen decked up typical like a British countrywoman while touring around the British countryside to meet Hiddleston’s mom. She also sported a matching wax jacket akin to Hiddleston, who was next to her. However, something was strange and it was more evident on Tom’s facial expressions.

The Night Manager” star is looking more and more miserable with every passing day, mentions Fish Wrapper. After all, in a relationship, it is not very agreeable when one tries to infuse him/her in every aspect of the other person’s life. If sources are to be believed, something of this sort is brewing between the two.

A little birdie is tweeting around the grape vine that Tom’s either getting sick of Swift or the fact of being followed by hoards of relentless paparazzi that chase Taylor day in and day out.  Going by this growing intolerance of Hiddleston, many are speculating that the affair is going to fizzle as swiftly as it sizzled.

Still, it is important to note that these are just speculations and nothing is confirmed.

The news of the two celebs’ romance was unexpected.  It was The Sun who broke the news of new found love between Swift, 26 and Hiddleston, 35. The world saw the pair completely lost in each other while sitting on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. A few of the snaps captured them kissing and hugging passionately.

It was just 10 days back when on June 19,  media first spotted Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston making out on a giant rock in Rhode Island and Popsugar carried the news.

What do you think? Will the incessant paparazzi attention take a toll on their relationship? Will their love withstand it? Share your comments below!