The Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift breakup news has been confirmed last month. There have been a lot of false starts along the way, but a few relevant source reports recently confirmed that one of the major reasons for the split was Hiddleston’s false allegations about Swift’s ex Calvin Harris.

Relationships that are started on lies may or may not be doomed. It depends on the people involved and the strength of their relationship once the truth comes out. In the case of Hiddleswift, it looks like everything came to an end before the relationship could really get a chance to blossom. An insider close to the celebs revealed that Tom has been lying to Taylor Swift about Calvin Harris.

Reason for the Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Breakup Revealed

The Thor star attempted to hammer Swift’s confidence in her Scottish boyfriend. He kept on lying to her about Harris. The latest report on the Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift breakup claims that Hiddleston may have fabricated a story about Harris cheating on Swift with another woman.  He[Tom] might have made an effort to date the singer himself.

“Tom told [Taylor Swift] that Calvin hit on one of his friends. She and Calvin were already having problems, so this weighed on her,” a source told Life & Style magazine, which The Hollywood Gossip reported on October 10.

It means Tom tried to poison her [Taylor Swift] mind when she and Harris were already going through a rough patch.

Taytay Wants to Know the Reason for Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Breakup

After the Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift breakup, the Mean singer began questioning whether or not Harris had really cheated on her. It is believed that Swift decided to investigate Tom’s allegations to find out the truth. She allegedly met the woman whom Harris had reportedly flirted with.

“[Taylor Swift] met with the girl Tom said Calvin was hitting on, and she denied it ever happened. Now she and Calvin are talking again,” revealed the insider to the magazine.

If facts are to be considered, we can say Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift had a rebound relationship. A rebound relationship is not a healthy relationship to be in because it is usually based on the wrong reasons.  You simply get into it because you do not intend to be alone after a devastating breakup. Since the reasons are not convincing, it creates instability within a relationship. In fact, everyone knows a rebound relationship won’t last.

Tom and Taylor bonded quickly and ended abruptly.  According to another insider: “[Taylor Swift] is doing OK. Tom and her at times were on two different pages… It was a very emotion-filled time [they] spent together. It was a very fast and heavy relationship.”

Taylor is supposedly spending more time with her female companions for ‘emotional support and friendship’, the source added. It has even been reported that after the Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Breakup, Swift is again in good terms with her ex Harris. Will they give their relationship a second chance?