This is an era of extremism where people  often forget to draw the line between right popularity and wrong publicity. The most recent example of it is Tom Hiddleston’s almost nude photo-shoot where he has broken all the limits to be in the public eye. To date, women have been targeted as salacious, if the skin show is more than required. Now, what about a man who strikes a pose just in his underwear?

Actor  Tom Hiddleston has stripped down to his boxers for a fashion shoot of esteemed W magazine.  The shoot was primarily aimed to promote his BBC show “The Night Manager” in the US. However, it garnered a heap of criticism for the star as an explicit display of male sexuality.  The Guardian well describes it as an exemplar of ‘double standard’ outlook.

In recent past, we have seen many women of the glam industry are being accused of promoting nudity if they go undressed even if it’s just for any promotional event.

No wonder #TaylorSwift is so smitten with #TomHiddleston. Get to know the British heartthrob on Photo by @MonaKuhnStudio, styled by @PatrickMackieInsta.

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Whether it’s Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, or any other woman who exhibits a sensual public image, the spectators’ response is always critical. It’s only in the perspective of a society that caters to the male stare. A woman’s self-worth is often determined through her sex appeal. In contrast, people leave no scope for dishonoring women who are openly sexual. Metro reported.

It is the same male-dominating hypocrite society where women of fame are forced to appear sexy but punished for being sexual.

On the contrary, if a man does so, he will be treated as a symbol of masculinity. Starting from David Beckham to Daniel Craig and now Tom Hiddleston, their appearance undies are contradicting the critical men mentality which is scornfulness towards female skin-show.

However, we can’t dispel the fact that today any form of publicity is acceptable, irrespective whether it attracts negative or positive remarks. Perhaps the only motto is to draw the limelight. It won’t wrong to assume, that this shoot has given due publicity to the magazine and the actor as well.

The Westminster-born is doing everything to heighten his fame and the racy photo-shoot is adding more points to it.

Do you think Tom Hiddleston’s sexy photo-shoot will bring him more fame? Or it will damage his reputation to a notable extent?