When Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman did not attend their adopted daughter Isabella’s wedding last year, the world assumed the worst about their family relationship. According to Daily Mail, the celebrity parents weren’t invited to their daughter’s Scientology ceremony or reception despite being in the area at the time. Apparently, Nicole did not even know about the wedding.

This is not the first time that Isabella’s intriguing relationship with her family has attracted the limelight. In 2014, Isabella did not attend her grandfather’s funeral after he died suddenly of a heart attack. Also, she has not been photographed with her mother since 2006.

But yesterday, Isabella insisted that her relationship with her parents is not as estranged as the media suggests. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the 23-year-old hair and make-up artist maintain a relationship with her mother and father.

“Of course we talk, they’re my parents. Anyone who says otherwise is full of s***,” she said. However, she has removed herself from the celebrity world that her A-list parents are a part of.

Nicole Kidman has also opened up about her relationship with her daughter. According to the article, she said, “I have four children, so to stay in touch with them is very important.” She also described Isabella and her younger brother as “generous, kind and hardworking” and added, “these are traits that I love to see in my children.”

A reader of the Sydney Morning Herald article commented that the story shows “that you can be mega rich and mega successful and still have a dysfunctional family life, made worse by the media.” According to Yahoo, Isabella and her husband, Max Parker, are “both fiercely proud of their independence” and “determined to live life away from the spotlight” as they live together in a working-class suburb.