It’s only a few days until Tom Clancy’s “The Division” officially arrives. If you think you’re still unprepared however, Ubisoft is kind enough to let you in on a couple of things to get you geared up before the game launches on D-Day.

  1. Gamers who chose the Microsoft path can now pre-load the game on their PCs and Xbox Ones. If you went the Sony route, however, pre-loading will start on March 6, at exactly 00:01AM local time. It’s also important to note that Japan will follow the same preloading date and time with other platforms on March 8, 2016 at exactly 00:01AM. Those who have purchased the digital version of “The Division” can download the game client directly from the digital store.
  2. Of course, you’d really want to pre-load since the client size is quite massive. Ubisoft indicates that it ranges from 26.9GB to 34.4GB depending on where you game, so you have a day at least to start off.
  3. For retail versions, gamers on consoles can play as soon as the server opens on Tuesday, March 8, 00:01AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time. The PC Master Race meanwhile can play on March 8, 6:00AM CET. For those who went digital, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will open March 8 at exactly 00:01AM in each country’s local time, while it will be available worldwide on March 8 at 6am CET on PC.
  4. Ubisoft has balanced “The Division” and done some tweaks on the multiple features out of the latest Open Beta phase. You can check the patch notes by going to the official website.
  5. If you still don’t have the game, you can still get “The Division” in either its standard version or its Gold Edition glory, both at 20 percent off at GMG if you use the coupon code “PRELOAD20.”