Japan’s plans for a mile-high skyscraper is revealed. This skyscraper  would be twice as tall as Dubai’s Burj  Khalifa, the present tallest building in the world. The building is going to reach the height of 5,577ft and host up to 55,000 people in Tokyo Bay.

According to Agricultural Digest, in Japan, officials have decided to launch an initiative called “Next Tokyo”, after analysing World Health Organization’s report of massive flooding due to an upward trend in global population, rising sea level and global warming in world’s major metropolises. The plan if accepted would see Tokyo as futuristic mega city that is adapt to climate change. The project would be completed by 2045.

It has been reported that the project is proposed by New York based agricultural farm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates in collaboration with New York based engineering farm Leslie E. Robertson Associates. The design prepared by them is aptly named as “sky mile tower” and incorporates elements that are going to improve the bay’s preparedness for natural disasters like earth quakes and typhoons. To increase energy efficiency it would be designed to utilize the waste heat of one part of building to another. Water will be “centrally collected, treated and stored at various levels” and distributed using gravity. This  will help in doing away with the need of pumping water from the ground level upwards.

The tower would be surrounded by a series of man-made hexagonal islands, reported Independent. It would also accommodate  half a million people. The tower will also have multilevel sky lobbies. Here, designs have been made for shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, gyms, health clinics and libraries.

China is another Asian country which has already created world record this year. It has built the longest glass-bottomed bridge of the world. Now Japan also has followed the footstep of China and decided to break world record by building the tallest skyscraper. Reportedly, the country has not only aimed at giving competition to its rivals on building futuristic city but also on the export and production of the best caviars in the world.