“Titanfall 2” release date was recently announced. But more promos from Respawn Entertainment surprised avid players.

David Wightman, Respawn Entertainment’s head of development, said during the EA’s Play Event that they will be announcing more details about the game later.

Fans should be updated with further announcements from them. Plus, they also need to know that with the future DLC packs including all the maps which will be released for free.

He explained he hated players paying as high as $60 or approximately $81 just to upgrade or to add another in-game feature on small DLC packs.

“We’re doing this for the community. Not for the dollars,” he cited.

Wightman stated that avid “Titanfall 2” players do not need to do pay-to-upgrade or pay for any gaming content enhancements after the game release.

In fact, Respawn Entertainment began to dedicate creating an impressive gaming support to their community post-launch.

Polygon noted that in the past few game releases, the company received a lot of criticisms due to lack of support to the gamers especially during months after every game launch.

Because of the desire to serve their audience best, they recently affirmed the free DLC for the nearing release of “Titanfall 2” which will be this year.

Though he confirmed that “Titanfall 2” DLC packs will be free of charge across new-generation platforms and PC, he didn’t further describe what would be the content of these packs.

Meanwhile, Titanfall official website releases captivating descriptions about the sequel. According to their site, the players could expect three modes from the gameplay.

They should anticipate unique, dynamic relationship between Pilot and Titan in the single player, deep, fast-paced multiplayer, and team up in networks with friends mode.

Respawn Entertainment stated they have made intensive efforts, their blood, sweat, and tears from the last two years to create the sequel.

“We wouldn’t be where we are without you, and we appreciate all the support we’ve received over the years,” Drew McCoy, producer at Respawn Entertainment, mentioned.

“Finally revealing ‘Titanfall 2’ to the world has been both nerve-wracking and extremely exciting for us. The response so far has been absolutely tremendous.”

“On behalf of everyone at Respawn, I’d like to thank all of you for supporting us, and I hope to see you on the Frontier this October,” Drew continued.

“Titanfall 2” was already scheduled for release this coming October and made available across new-generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One including PC platform.