Excited for Titanfall 2? Your chance at getting an early taste of it is close. Respawn Entertainment, the company behind the title, recently announced that the Titanfall 2 beta is almost here. We relay all the things you should know before it comes out.

The most important detail to come out from the announcement is the availability of the multiplayer tech test to platforms. Gamers on Xbox One and PS4 can participate. However, PC players won’t have the same opportunity.

Vince Zampella, Founder and CEO of Respawn, had this to say about PC owners’ exclusion:

“Two big issues from a development standpoint: hardware variety & “min spec” optimization. We’re still making a lot of tweaks and changes to the renderer, the game, and effects so we haven’t run the game through the hardware compatibility lab yet to detect and handle a large variety of hardware – video cards, CPUs etc.”

Zampella goes on to say that PC involves more variables and configurations. Hence, the platform is more difficult to deal with than consoles.

Titanfall 2 Beta details

Although this is a disappointment for PC gamers, those on Xbox One and PS4 are certainly in for an adventure.

No definite date was given for when the beta will start. However, Zampella teased in a tweet that players should keep their next two weekends free. Since the tweet was posted today (August 16), it’s a safe bet that the beta will open on August 20-21 and August 27-28.

With these dates in mind, others may wonder whether there’s still hope for PC players to get access to beta at a later time. Though possible, Ubergizmo details that it is unlikely.

The source relays Respawn’s worry of data-mining. This can spoil the single-player campaign they’re currently working on. Data-mining wise, PC gamers have a known history of uncovering as much as they can from a game.

More details about the multiplayer tech test may arrive in the coming days. These include specific requirements and conditions.

Stay tuned and check back with us when those Titanfall 2 beta news and updates arrive.