The most well-known women in the world are the leaders, dignitaries, celebrities and moguls—the stars controlling  a news cycle with a single tweet.

There are women like Nicki Minaj, Caitlyn Jenner, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, who are on this year’s TIME 100.

However, influence and fame are not synonymous.

Here is a list of 5 women whose influence exceeds their fame.

Yayoi Kusama

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Yayoi Kusama is the 87-year0old Japanese artist who was a contemporary of Andy Warhol. Known for her abstract expressionist art, Yayoi’s work often includes polka dots, patterns, and nets.

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She’s considered one of Japan’s most prominent contemporary artists. Her works include painting, sculpting, drawing, film and installation, says The Japan Times.

Ibtihaj Muhammad

Ibtihaj Muhammad is the first Muslim woman to observe “hijab” and qualify for the U.S. Olympic Fencing team.

She is drawing political risks towards herself by taking on anti-Muslim rhetoric. However, she is being held high by American Muslims, for her upcoming appearance at the Olympics, wearing hijab, says IBI Times.

Sunita Narain

One of the most influential Indian women, Narain is the director of the Center for Science and Environment. She is known as India’s most prominent environmentalists and has been in the field for a long time, says Time Magazine.

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She was the person who led a mission against Coke and Pepsi, claiming that these companies use high levels of pesticide in their sodas. Her environmentalism has a great deal of social awareness.

Guo Pei

Pei is known for amazing designs inspired by the Chinese Imperial Court. She is one of China’s most bold and creative fashion designers.

She has stormed the international fashion scene by her talents. Rihanna’s eminent fur-lined yellow gown with the enormous train was designed by Pei, says New York Times.

Jaha Dukureh

Dukureh is one of the world’s most influential women leaders. She is a Gambian activist and leader in the fight to cease female genital mutilation.

It is global practice that devastates more than 200 million girls worldwide, says CNN.

Dukureh herself was cut when she was just about a week old, in Gambia. Now she is a mother of three, providing awareness about the practice in the United States.

The Obama administration declared that it would order a report to study the problem.