Tialeigh Palmer case had taken several turns since the schoolgirl has been murdered. The court hearing has revealed shocking details behind the death of the girl.

Palmer murder grabbed huge attention not only in the Australian media but also in public. Here are the six shocking revelations about the Tialeigh murder case.

When was Tialeigh Palmer murdered?

Police have alleged that foster father Rick Thorburn murdered Palmer the night before he claimed to have dropped her to school. The 55-year-old told detectives that he saw his foster daughter last on October 30 while he dropped the 12-year-old to school.

Why Rick Thorburn collapsed?

Thorburn collapsed in custody after being charged with killing his foster daughter. The Queensland Police Service’s Ethical Standards Command has been investigating the matter. However, it has been reported that suspect consumed coma pills following his arrest over Palmer’s murder. The foster father remained in the hospital and was undergoing treatment.

What relationship Plamer shared with foster brother?

The reports have indicated that Palmer was involved in a sexual relationship with her foster brother Trent Thorburn. In an interview with a media outlet, grandmother Sue Palmer said that her granddaughter had a crush on the boy. She took care of the victim until she was 10. Her granddaughter did not want to leave the Thorburn family’s Chambers Flat property because of her growing affection with the boy.

What was Trent’s fear?

A bombshell revelation came out during the court hearing when The Beenleigh Magistrates Court came across Facebook messaging where Palmer’s foster brother confessed to his cousin that he feared if she was pregnant with her child as he had sex with him.

What was the reason behind Rick killing Tialeigh?

It is being claimed that Rick murdered Palmer to make sure his son was not blamed for any abusive behavior towards his foster sister. He might have killed her to keep the whole matter a secret, reports indicate.

Who have been charged?

The Daily Mail reported the allegation on the four characters in the Tialeigh Palmer’s murder.

  • Foster father Rick Thorburn has been charged with murder and interfering with a corpse.
  • Foster brother Trent Thorburn charged with incest, two counts of perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice.
  • Foster brother Josh Thorburn charged with perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice.
  • Foster mother Julene Thorburn has also been charged with perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice.