Two out of the three women who went missing in NSW Royal Park on Sunday have been found while the third victim is still missing.

The mother of Cassie Olczac, 16, has asked for public assistance in making sure her daughter is found soon. Police have confirmed that they have located two of the three women who went missing on the same day. Nikki Groves and Kate Bateup, aged 21, have been found on Thursday and are now being examined by the NSW paramedics team. While the duo went missing on Wednesday, Cassie was last seen on September 25 at 6:30pm in Waterfall train station.

Mother Connie Olczac said she wanted her daughter to come home. She added that she knew her daughter was alive and needed help, and hence, she was requesting people to look for her. “I also think she may be scared … she’s not a super social person, she mostly sticks to herself,” Olczac said. “She’s beautiful … she’s a stunner … she has a modeling contract … extremely talented. If she hears this: your friends and family are desperate for you to come home. Please come home.

“If anyone knows anything, you’re not in trouble, we just need information.”

The mother suspected that her daughter might have consumed a banned substance and became disoriented. In her plea, she informed the public that Cassie had returned from a two-week holiday from Abu Dhabi where she visited her father. Connie also said that she picked her daughter up from the airport on Saturday night. The following day, Cassie went to a friend’s home in Earlwood.

Yahoo News confirmed Connie saying that Cassie’s phone had gone dead since she went missing. Her bank accounts were also not touched since then.

On the other hand, according to ABC, NSW Police has released a statement describing the whole incident where the girl went to meet her friend and went to Banksia station to catch a connecting train. The officers have confirmed that they have been informed about time to time sightings of the 16-year-old and they were trying their best to find her in the NSW Royal Park.