“Thor 3” could be the second round for Loki and the Hulk. While his Asgardian brother might choose to save him, could the god of thunder stand up to the angry green giant from Iran.

Sajad Gharibi isn’t likely to be part of the upcoming “Thor 3” movie. However, his massive physique certainly justifies the “Iranian Hulk” title, the Huffington Post wrote. At 342 pounds, the 24-year old powerlifter is pure muscle. Gharibi regularly treats his more than 100,000 Instagram followers to posts that showoff his “enormous muscles.”

Aside from his self-appointed title as the “Persian Hercules,” Gharibi is aware of his likeness to the Marvel superhero. In one post, his skin is colored green while another bares the trademark scowl of the Hulk. However, while he might look fierce, the Iranian Hulk is reportedly a nice guy, Esquire wrote.


Despite his likeness to the Hulk, Gharibi isn’t after the role. According to Movie Pilot, the Iranian Hulk wants to be part of WWE Superstars. The powerlifter often tags the WWE official account in his posts. Given the attention he’s received lately, it might not be long before Gharibi jumps into the ring, the publication surmised.

Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo seemed ready for his role in “Thor 3.” While in Beijing to promote “Now You See Me 2,” the actor tweeted the Hulk’s friend.

Earlier hints by Ruffalo revealed his character would “embark on a universal road movie across the Nine Realms,” Digital Spy wrote. Yet the popular “Planet Hulk” plot could also find its way into “Thor 3,” Digital Spy wrote in an earlier post.

JoBlo reported the storyline would operate as “a kind of mash-up with the Ragnarok story.” Hence, audiences could expect the god of thunder’s in “gladiatorial games” run by the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) in “Thor 3.”