The next Thor film is still a year away but details about it have been pouring out, including its cast and potential plot. However, recent reports suggest that the movie is actually pursuing a different story line and setting than previously reported. Will this cause a delay in the Thor 3 Ragnarok release date?

Given that the film’s premiere date has been secured a long time, this is highly unlikely. However, this new info goes to show how Marvel always has something new up their sleeves.

As per an article by Comic Book Movie, the announcement of ‘Ragnarok’ as the film’s title led many to believe that it will follow the Ragnarok story line in the comics. However, with the new reports, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Instead, the website details that Ragnarok refers to the film’s major setting. Describing this new information, Comic Book Movie quotes the SchmoesKnow website as follows:

“According to [SchmoesKnow] sources, the Ragnarok subtitle doesn’t exactly refer to the comic storyline, but actually refers to a planet named Ragnarök, which is where a good chunk of the film will take place and where Chris Hemsworth’s Thor & Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk will find themselves imprisoned. … [SchmoesKnow] were able to confirm that the planet Ragnarök will have a “Gladiator meets Mad Max aesthetic.”

Thor 3 Ragnarok adventure

The website further details that the story revolves round Thor and Hulk’s attempt to escape the planet.

This certainly coincides with what the actors of the film shared before. At one point, Mark Ruffalo shared how Thor 3 would be like a buddy adventure film.

With the film’s premise, it is also interesting to know how Thor and the Hulk ends up being imprisoned in the planet. The last time people saw Hulk, he was on board a rogue quinjet. Meanwhile, Thor left Earth to return to Asgard.

Although it’s pretty convincing, it’s still best to take this new information with a grain of salt.

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