“Thor 3 Ragnarok” Natalie Portman updates are hinting that the actress might not be part of the upcoming flick.  Recent reports claimed that because of the storyline used in the movie, Portman’s character might not be a good fit anymore.

As fans already know, Marvel has decided to adopt the Ragnarok storyline in the third instalment.  As previous reports already noted, this plot involves the total destruction of Asgard and the death of notable characters including the God of Thunder himself.

Given this, Head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, recently confirmed that they’re still not sure of Portman’s importance in the movie. Since the upcoming title will focus on the inherent war in Asgard, there will be little to no interaction with Midgard (Earth) where Portman’s Jane Foster is located.

“There are only a couple scenes on Earth in this movie,” Feige told Empire as reported by Bustle. “The majority, 95 percent of the movie, takes place in the cosmos.”

There have also been talks about a new female character coming in the third movie.  As some reports suggested, “Creed” actress Tessa Thompson has been allegedly offered to play the role of Valkyrie, a key character in the comics.

Fans have also noted that since Mark Ruffalo’s The Hulk will be playing a major role in “Thor 3 Ragnarok,” Valkyrie’s introduction could be very timely and fitting given their connection in the comics.  This further sparked more talk about Portman’s role shelved for the upcoming movie.

Another female character this time a villain, Lady Sif, has also caught the attention of fans recently. There have been some buzz about the character joining the third solo movie, but no confirmation has been given as of writing. Rumour has it that “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” star Cate Blanchett will be playing the role.

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