In Thor 3 Ragnarok, Loki is expected to play a crucial role. Whether he will be having a hand in Asgard’s impending destruction or joining Thor’s side to protect his planet is still in question.  For the meantime, fans are rejoicing knowing that their favorite villain will be back in the third installment.

Recent reports have already hinted that The Hulk and Loki’s encounter in the first “Avengers” movie might have a follow-up in “Thor 3.” What will the angry green giant do to the puny god this time?

“Let’s not forget that it’s no secret that the Hulk shows up in Ragnarok and the last time Loki and Hulk were in the same room didn’t go very well for Loki so, he’s got a few chips on his shoulder, but yeah, it’s fun, you’ll see!” Actor Tom Hiddleston shared at a Wizard World Philadelphia panel, ComicBook reported.

Hiddleston also dished on the “different” tone director Taika Waititi has adopted for the movie. The actor teased that even his and Chris Hemsworth’s character will be given more depth and will be seen in a different light.

“I think tonally it’s a big shift in a great way, more than anything we’ve seen before,” he shared. “Taika Waititi, the director, if you know any of his work, yeah, he’s just an incredible sort of comedic talent. [There’s] a lot of heart in everything he does, but it’s a very different Thor, it’s a different Loki. We go off on another world that we haven’t experienced before.”

The English actor has been plagued with numerous rumors about his future involvement with the MCU. Previous speculations have suggested that “Thor 3 Ragnarok” could be the last time fans will see him be the bane of the Thor’s existence.  However, the actor has clarified rumors and has somehow assured fans that he’s in it for the long haul.

“Truthfully, I do actually know at the moment how many more times I’m going to play Loki, but I’m not going to tell you,” Hiddleston told New York Daily News. “It’s not personal it’s just keeping it fresh for all paying customers to enjoy their films. And, also, I’m the god of mischief so it’s my predisposition to play games.”

“Thor 3 Ragnarok” is slated to be released on November 3, 2017.