Thor 3 movie is currently filming in Land Down Under. Earlier, Chris Hemsworth teased a video on how he’s excited for the third instalment. Now, it’s Tom Hiddleston’s turn. Taylor Swift’s current beau shared how he’s glad to be back as Loki.

In Thor: The Dark World movie, fans thought that Loki had died. One of Odin’s guards reported that he found a body from the Dark World. The King of Asgard saw the body and said, “Loki”. Fans thought that Loki did meet his tragic fate.

In the last scene of the second movie instalment, Thor had a short talk with his father. He revealed that he was not the right fit for the throne. Nonetheless, he gave nice words about his brother, Loki. Fans had hoped for a happy ending after all. Loki is dead. Odin remains King. And, Thor will have the chance to spend time with the love of his life, Jane Foster.

However, Loki always has a smart plan under his sleeves. After Thor left, Odin suddenly transformed into Loki. Fans have yet to find out if he did kill his own father. But, he’s got some good advantage – Thor doesn’t even know he’s alive.

On Tuesday, Tom Hiddleston decided to join Instagram and as his first post, he shared a photo dressed up as Loki. The actor seems happy to be back yet fans can’t help but wonder if Thor:Ragnarok will be his last film. Rumours circulated that he plans to retire from playing the character.

He's back!

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So, does that mean Loki will die? Fans have yet to find out in Thor 3 movie. However, he should keep a close eye on Hela, played by Cate Blanchett. Her impending attack might force Loki to show his true form, Screen Rant noted. That could turn out to be a tragic event too.

Thor 3 movie will hit theatres on November 2017.