“Thor 3” star Chris Hemsworth recently shared his excitement for the upcoming film. Reports mentioned that the third instalment will feature Thor’s talent in comedy. And in order to prep him for the superhero role, he had some weird, happy requests before filming began.

When Odin’s son asks for a rollercoaster, you don’t negotiate or give him something else he wants. The Norse God should get a rollercoaster. Period. No more questions needed. Chris revealed that this is one of the perks of playing Thor.

Watch “Thor 3” star share his excitement below

On Instagram, Chris shared a video exclaiming his excitment to be back filming as Thor. They’re currently filming in the land Down Under. And, it seems Chris is very much relaxed to be working back at home. In the video, Chris just wore a hoodie, shorts and slippers.

“‘Here we are, beginning of Thor 3 at the studios. Got my shake, got my shoes – and as requested I got my rollercoaster. Just a little something on the perks list that comes with – being Thor,” the actor joked.

Thor 3 has begun #wheresmyhammer #thor3 #rollercoastersrock @taikawaititi

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Meanwhile, Collider shared the possible story of the upcoming Marvel film. Entitled “Thor: Ragnarok,” the publication noted that the movie will likely tackle “the apocalypse of Norse mythology which sees the souls of dead rise.” With Cate Blanchett as Hela, ruler of the dead, this sort of confirms what fans should expect on the third movie installment. Likewise, fans saw Heimdall in a scene from “Avengers 2” warn Thor about “Hel” – the realm of the underworld.

But don’t expect that this film will be pretty dark. As mentioned earlier, it will explore lighter moments and we can’t wait to see Thor with his awesome punchlines. Director Taika Waititi said that it’ll be silly not to use Chris’ comedic talent.

In addition, he promised to strike a balance between action and comedy on “Thor: Ragnarok”. He added that this film will have a “better tone” as compared with “Thor: The Dark World”.

“Thor 3” will hit the big screen on November 3, 2017.