The Norse god of thunder was noticeably absent from “Captain America: Civil War.” But will Captain America show up in Thor’s next solo movie? DC Comics earlier revealed that Steve Rogers had been a double agent for Hydra from the start. Will Hydra Cap really be the villain in “Thor 3?”

It might be interesting to see Chris Evans play the bad guy for once. But, according to, Marvel Studios has yet to confirm if they will ever introduce Hydra Cap to their cinematic universe.

Instead, “Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waititi tried to imagine what it would’ve been like if Thor had been in Captain America’s latest film. “We’ve talked a little bit about this. Personally, I feel Thor would have started his own team,” the director told Fandango. “He wouldn’t have liked the idea of those teams.”

However, if push came to shove and Thor really had to pick a side, Waititi thinks he would’ve likely gone for Captain America’s team.  “Even though Thor is from outer space and he lives in a palace, part of me likes to think he would side with Cap. I would side with Cap purely because I don’t trust billionaires,” he explained.

Meanwhile, according to USA Today, Thor himself earlier reflected on Marvel’s decision to keep him out of “Civil War.” In a spoof video posted on the Russo Brothers’ Facebook page, actor Chris Hemsworth weighed in on Captain America’s rivalry with Iron Man. “Everyone keeps asking me, ‘Are you Team Cap? Are you Team Iron Man?’ Who cares?” the actor said while casually doing pull-ups. “I mean, where was the invite for me and Hulk? You just leave the two strongest, biggest Avengers out of this, you do? Is this the one where the kids just have a scrap on their own and we just sit inside?”

You can check Hemsworth out when “Thor 3” hits theaters on November 3, 2017.