Tom Hiddleston plays a James Bond-like character in television mini-series “The Night Manager.”

In a report made by Deadline, the Loki actor plays British ex-soldier Jonathan Pine whose characteristics are comparable to that of British Secret Service agent James Bond.

Hiddleston said that both characters “have a license above and beyond the law, granted by MI6 to do bad things for the greater good.”

The difference between the two lies in John Le Carré’s “understanding of spies and MI6 and agent running is very sophisticated, very real. That’s not to suggest that Bond isn’t, but Bond has become a cultural phenomenon as a piece of entertainment so he has to deliver on lots of different levels that ‘The Night Manager’ doesn’t.”

John Le Carré is the author of the best-seller book where the TV series was based from.

Pine is tasked to infiltrate secret arms trade where he will encounter Richard Onslow Roper, played by Hugh Laurie. Laurie’s character is charmingly described in TheGuardian as “the worst man in the world.”

Aside from playing lead and villain, both Hiddleston and Laurie were given credit for being the show’s executive producers. Both of them felt that their commitment has been rewarded and they feel more ownership of the work.

Le Carré said that his role and involvement in the project was minimal. He took the backseat because he wanted to “celebrate a beautiful artistic performance masterminded by Susanne, and superb performances by all the people on the stage.”

The British-American spy series was developed by The Ink Factory, premiered last February 21 at the Berlin Film Festival. The television program will run for 6 episodes and two of it was shown at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele where it was well-received.

In the UK, the first episode of “The Night Manager” was presented last February 21 on BBC One. It will air on April 19 on AMC in the US and will be shown sometime in 2016 on BBC First in Australia.