Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo reveals what fans need to look forward to in the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok” movie.

Thor, the Asgardian Thunder God will team up with another avenger, Hulk, in the upcoming 2017 movie.

When asked what his role will be in the upcoming movie, Ruffalo joked, “I play Dr. Bruce Banner, and occasionally I turn into a big green, mean monster.” He then added that there’s so much he hopes to explore with the characters.

“I am excited to keep coming back to this role. I see a lot of space for it to grow,” he told The Huffington Post. “I feel like there’s a lot of cool stuff to explore still, especially the relationship between Banner and Hulk. Hopefully, we’ll see the two of them in a scene together. That would be cool!”

The actor also teased about the bromance between Thor and Hulk. In an interview with Empire Online, Ruffalo said that the two can even be called the “muscle bros” and he is certain that once fans see the movie or even just the trailer, “there’ll be a whole new meme coming out with me massaging Chris Hemsworth or something like that.”

Ruffalo also added that he is excited about Hulk’s story arc in “Thor: Ragnarok,” which will carry all the way to “Avengers 4.”

Another exciting news that has gotten Ruffalo thrilled about “Ragnarok” is Cate Blanchett’s involvement as the villainess.

“I’m so thrilled. I saw her at the Governors’ banquet here and heard that maybe she was circling, they were talking to her about the part, so I ran up to her and I was like, ‘Please, please, please make this work,'” he told Entertainment Tonight.

“She’s just one of the best, and to have her play a baddie is going to be really exciting,” Ruffalo added.

In terms of news regarding a possible standalone movie for Hulk, Ruffalo is not so certain that it will happen.

“I don’t see it anytime on the immediate horizon. No-one’s talking about that. There are some rights issues with that character. Universal owns that character, so there’s nothing we can do with it anyway. That makes a ‘Hulk’ movie prohibitive,” reports Fashion and Style.

“Thor: Ragnarok” will be directed by Taika Waititi and will make its way to cinemas on Nov. 3, 2017.