The Hemsworth brothers have taken Hollywood by storm. Chris Hemsworth ready to start “Thor 3” and Liam Hemsworth just finishing up “Independence Day”. The sun-stained blonde haired and blue eyed pair have become favourites within the film industry. Both alike in stunning looks but the brothers declare it’s only their looks that are similar.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Chris claims he is more relaxed, whereas Liam, is more conscious about the image he projects to the media and what he says.

“Well, we certainly have our differences in our personalities. I think he’s a little more reserved than me. He was like that in high school; he kept things closer to his chest, whereas I probably speak too much”, Chris laughs.

Liam responded saying “I try to create as little attention as possible. Obviously, I know people want to know what’s going on… But I don’t feel the need to go out and tell people about it. It’s more simple that way.”

When speaking about their relationship and childhood, Liam explains growing up, the brothers regularly fought. Explaining their relationship was as normal as every other young brothers’ relationship.

Liam offers, “Me and Chris didn’t get along very well when we were kids. But me and Chris, for whatever reason, maybe because we’re both like-minded and stubborn but we’d constantly fight…but then again, I was a naughty kid. I had a real temper and I would throw tantrums all the time and chase Chris with brooms and throw knives at him and all kinds of horrible shit”, he laughs.

Liam shares an anecdote from their childhood, and laughs at how when staying at their grandparents, Liam and Chris would have to be separated because they were “too much trouble for their grandparents”.

Liam followed in Chris’ footsteps by trialling his luck in Hollywood. Both have been successful in tackling Hollywood. Liam still lives in LA, finding it easier and more central to work. Chris however, has returned to Australia, to raise his children.

According to ABC, Chris prefers growing his children up in Australia away from the negatives of Hollywood. “Thor: Ragnarok,” the third instalment of the Marvel superhero, is said to be filmed in Australia, close to Chris’ home and family.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced yesterday that the Gold Coast will play set to the third film. Premier Annastacia Palasczuk said the production of “Thor 3″ will spend over $100 million in Queensland and will employ more than 750 Queensland crew.