Ellen DeGeneres teamed up with actor Chris Hemsworth for an epic surprise treat. It was certainly a special celebration of National Administrative Professionals Day for the administrator who’s a superfan of the “Thor 3” star.

TV host Ellen DeGeneres enlisted the aid of Hemsworth for the task, US Weekly reported. The actor gamely crawled army style for their covert operation at the Warner Bros. offices. DeGeneres chose a huge fan of the actor as proven by the posters on her cubicle wall.

The shocked administrator was unable to finish her phone conversation at the sight of DeGeneres and Hemsworth at the entrance of her cubicle. The actor offered her a “quick massage.” However, the mighty hands of “Thor” might have helped her regain her thoughts as she teased, “Can we get naked?”

At that point, DeGeneres intervened to remind her that Hemsworth is married, which the administrator acknowledged. She even praised the actor’s beautiful children. The TV host then clarified if the question was meant for her, to which the woman said “Oh, sure!” followed by “Threesome?” in a soft voice, Today revealed.

The publication described the hilarity that ensued after her request. Pieces of clothing started to fly over the cubicle wall. Her co-workers joined in on the fun and laughed as she asserted, “We’re naked!” Today pointed out that no evidence of her claim was caught on camera.

More surprises were in store for her after the massage and “threesome” with DeGeneres and Hemsworth. She also received an all-expenses paid trip to the premiere of the “Ghostbusters” reboot in New York on July 16.

DeGeneres joked that she’ll likely bunk in with Hemsworth. The thrilled recipient asked if she could leave her husband behind. “No, [Hemsworth] isn’t leaving his wife,” the TV host replied. The Hollywood Reporter revealed the whole office drank tequila and did the “limbo rock” afterwards.

The Ellen Show celebrated National Administrative Professionals Day because DeGeneres realised that many of them don’t get to meet celebrities. Hence, she invited Chris Hemsworth to help since he played an administrative professional in “Ghostbusters.”

Watch their office surprise here.